Basic information

The IMRC Cup trophy race series is one of the events in the international championship MOTOCh – Motorcycle Championship. The IMRC Cup is a series designed for, though not just for, beginning racers, who would like to experience the atmosphere of large-scale motorcycle racing, but who do not dare to directly enter an international championship. It is an ideal opportunity to develop the performance of these racers while also providing them with the possibility to transition to the MOTOCH series.

Furthermore, the IMRC Cup series has excellent organization, marketing, media coverage, and paddock facilities, which attracts racers as well as their sponsors and partners.

The IMRC Cup event is always held for two days (Saturday and Sunday) with the possibility for competitors to purchase Friday training rides

The IMRC Cup is listed in open classes -600 a +600 (up to 600 and over 600 ccm), during which riders can also be ranked in the national „Slovak Cup CPM“.

In addition to info above, riders from other countries that will be represented in the race (at least, three riders in each class) will be decorated as the National Champions of the IMRC Cup. These riders will be promoted and receive media coverage to the same extent as the other most successful riders in the IMRC Cup series.


To participate in the IMRC Cup series, we accept licensing from all EU countries if the federations are registered with the FIM Europe. It is necessary to hold an international licence type "A" or national licence type "B" (in this case it is necessary to have permission to start abroad).


180 €
Standart price
230 €



Registration for the whole racing season at a discounted price has been launched on our new website
You can register for the whole season at a discounted pre-sale entry fee after creating a user's account on the website. The manual for creating the account can be found at this link: Open here

Discounted pre-sale for the whole season will last until March 31, 2017! Only after this date will you be able to register for each  individual event.  Payment must be on our account by this date.
If you register, but your payment has not been received on the account, on or before this date, then your registration application will be considered invalid and you will have to register once again, but this time right before each event.

Riders up to 14 get a 50 € discount off of the entry fee for each event, which adds up to 250 € for the whole season. After filling in the date of birth in the user´s profile, the amount of 50 € will automatically be subtracted from their entry fee.

Prices for pre-sale of all-year entry fee for the IMRC Cup:

Classes -600 a +600 is 810,-€
The price for riders up to 14 years of age in the Class-600 is 560,-€

Warning: After registration for the whole season you will receive an automatically generated e-mail with information about the payment (the amount, variable symbol. When paying be sure to include a note specifying your full name) and your application in pdf format in the attachment. The printed and signed application must be brought to the event, otherwise you will have to fill it in again on site.

After March 31 you can register only for one-day events.
- You will also be able to register for each event after creating a user´s account at the website, but only after the end of year-long pre-sale.
- Entry fees for all categories remain the same in comparison to last year and the series we organized. This year there will also be a possibility to pay the entry fee at least 15 days before the event at a discounted price. The payment must be credited on our account 15 days before the event.
- The closing date of applications for the pre-sale entry price of individual events will always be 15 days before each specific event.

Entry fee for the two-day event of the IMRC Cup:

Pre-sale: 180,- €
Standard price: 230,- €

Riders up to 14 get a 50 € discount off of the entry fee. After filling in the date of birth in the user´s profile on the website, the amount of 50 € will automatically be subtracted from their entry fee.
(plus an additional class: discount 100,-€ - to be paid on the site)

Friday training rides can be purchased at the site of the event  for 30,-€ / 1 training.

Sporting and technical regulations

Sporting regulations: Open here
Technical regulations: Open here


We present two sample timetables for the IMRC Cup and MOTOCh Championship joint events, which are subject to change. Variant A will be valid as long as all individual classes (MOTOCh and IMRC Cup) are run at the event, while Variant B will be valid in the event that the classes are combined.

Preliminary timetable:
Variant A: Open here
Variant B: Open here

Prizes for placement

We will inform you shortly regarding prizes for successful racers, which we are preparing at the moment with our partners.

/ Dates
  • 28.-30. 04. Slovakia Ring
  • 19.-21. 05. Pannoniaring
  • 14.-16. 07. Most
  • 11.-13. 08. Hungaroring
  • 06.-08. 10. Slovakia Ring