European motorcycle elite will come together at the Slovakia Ring

Dear Sports Friends, we cordially invite you to this year's initial event of the newly formed European motorcycle championship MOTOCh – Motorcycle Championship and IMRC Cup, which will be held on April 29 – 30 at Slovakia Ring. The races will be held on Saturday and Sunday, too.

With your own eyes you can watch fantastic races, from noon until evening, in classes from 125 cubic centimeters to the extremely popular Superbikes on Saturday as well as on Sunday after an exciting morning of trainings and qualifications. There will also be the equally popular 600s and the new class Stocksport 300 for young talented motorcyclists. At the Slovakia Ring we are expecting leading riders from all over Europe, with especially strong representation by riders from the Czech Republic, who will, as part of the MOTOCh series also be fighting for points in their national championship. Also in attendence will be the two-time winner of the Grand Prix race Lukáš Pešek, and another Czech rider Michal Prášek. Their rivals will be top riders from Austria, Hungary, Poland and other countries.

At the Slovakia Ring you can also cheer for domestic riders, since the best Slovak riders will also be racing led by Jaroslav Černý, our current number one, who has literally schooled the international competition at Slovakia Ring many times and won deservedly. In addition, Černý, the clear-cut favourite in the Superstock 1000 class race, will be racing at the Slovakia Ring only a couple of days after having taken part in the 24-hour race of Endurance World championship in French Le Mans. Our racers, in addition to battling for the international series, will also be competing for points in the Slovak championship.

- Covered “A” stand: 4, - €/1 day
- Stands “B” and “C”: free of charge
- Natural stands “D” and “E”: free of charge
- Access to the paddock: 3, - €/1 day
Children under 10 years of age and holders of disabled ID are admitted to the event free of charge.
- Visitors who choose to buy tickets for the covered stand "A" can do so at the main ticket office at the entrance to the complex. The covered "A" stand is located directly at the finish line straightway with a direct view of the start and finish and of several other sections of the racetrack.
- Stands "B" and "C" (at the end of the finish line straightway) and natural "D" (behind the first curve) and "E" (behind the second curve) are known for their attractiveness, because one can see a significant section of the racetrack. Particularly the "E" stands are considered by many fans to be perfect for watching the races thanks to the visibility of the largest part of the track. Those of you who choose to watch the race from these stands, have the opportunity to park your cars comfortably at the stands.
- A wide range of soft drinks and hot snacks will be available in the restaurant at the main entrance to the complex.

We believe that you will decide to join us for a weekend full of adrenaline and packed with unforgettable experiences!

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Slovakia Racing Team