Open Class: riding for motorcyclists without a license at MOTOCh series

Dear Riders, 

We would like to remind you that even those of you, who are not holders of a rider´s license also have the chance to ride at the three-day events of the MOTOCh Championship, which will include races for the following classes: Open Class 600 and 1000.
There are three days of riding, an international championship environment, observing up close how professional riders work, watching MOTOCh and IMRC Cup races during the entire weekend, free entry to the stands, a party on Saturday and other advantages all waiting for you.

The Open Class will be introduced at each MOTOCh series event. 

During the weekend you will spend the following time on the race track:

Friday: trainings 4 – 5 x 20 minutes

Saturday: trainings 3 x 20 minutes

Sunday: 20 minutes qualification and races of 8 laps 


The Open Class is designed for fast riders, in other words for those who are included in the fast groups at agency events.

Within the Open Class, 600 and 1000ccm motorcycles will be ridden, and if there is a sufficient number of riders, each class (600 and 1000) can have separate races. 


The price of a three-day ride is 250,- €.
The payment can be credited on the spot or on our account.

Bank name: UniCredit Bank

Account name: Slovak Racing Club

IBAN: SK2911110000001203478009


As a note, enter your name, surname and class (600 or 1000). 


It is necessary to register by sending an email to the following address:

Please include the following in the reply:




Phone number:

Cubic capacity: 


The time schedule will be adapted to the number of riders. In case of higher participation, the classes will be divided into separate 600 and separate 1000.


April 28 – 30, Slovakia Ring (already ridden)

May 19 – 21, Pannoniaring (already ridden)

July 14 – 16, Most

August 11 – 13, Hungaroring

October 06 – 08, Slovakia Ring 


If you have any questions contact us at the email address:, or at +421 918 736 557.

Our website:

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Slovakia Racing team